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The EVRYMAN Podcast

Mar 15, 2019

“If you open up and actually be yourself, your not only going to be accepted and seen. It’s going to power you through all of the tough shit your going through. It’s going to power you towards the things you actually want and who you actually are.”

On this week’s episode host Dan Doty leans into an old part of himself and plays a recording of a song he wrote about loneliness. We then jump into an interview with Evryman’s Owen Marcus to discuss how NOT to be lonely. I’ll give you a hint: it starts by taking a risk and being vulnerable.

In this episode:


  • Can you be artistic and creative if you are full of connection
  • Going it alone
  • Connecting to your own experience
  • The impact of vulnerability
  • How to reach out and connect
  • Braving the discomfort of being you
  • True connection comes from being connected to yourself first


Link to: Brene Brown, On Being Podcast