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The EVRYMAN Podcast

Feb 7, 2019

On this week’s episode we are asking the question: If you had to describe what it means to be a man in one word, what would it be?

Our guest this week, Timothy Wenger is a Photographer/Blogger who created the digital project The Man Effect. Timothy travelled around asking men to sum up what it means to be a man in one word and documented the results.

 “There is this desire and need in every man to have someone care about them and to give them input because every man is terrified by the things they are facing.”


In this conversation:


  • The limits of what our fathers can teach us
  • The role of mentors in shaping men
  • How true mentors show up
  • Our fear of being explicit, direct and open in life and in relationships with men
  • The challenge of the term Masculinity
  • Macho-jerks, spineless-wimps and the ground in between