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The EVRYMAN Podcast

Jan 3, 2019

What if you were told that you only have six months to live? What would be important? What would you do? Chris Eberhart was told just that this year. His insight my be something to take to heart, because in the end we are all terminal, just without a projected end date. 
Originally from Michigan Chris is considered a whitetail bowhunting expert and has written four books on that subject, two of which are considered hunting classics. After graduating from Michigan State University he has spent most of his life splitting time between the U.S.A. and Germany. In Germany he built a successful swim school business, working primarily with young children, but also with babies, pregnant woman, and giving fitness classes. This was a good balance to hunting heavily across North America, Europe, and Africa. He is also a previous collegiate runner, and a lifelong athlete, with a passion for trail running. For the last seven years he has been the Chief Editor of Hunter’s Path Hardcover book-journal, which is the world’s finest hunting publication, and can legitimately claim to be the National Geographic of hunting/adventure press. Currently, he lives near Freiburg, Germany, and has a teenage daughter.
He is fighting cancer.

*This episode was recorded in late 2018, Chris has sent an update on his health:

I also wanted to give you a brief health update: Since we did the podcast recording my health has improved significantly, at least for now. I got the green light to start working out, and have gained almost fifteen pounds of muscle back in two months! Right now I feel like nothing was ever wrong. My doctors strongly suggested that I put on pounds for whatever is upcoming, so I have been working out like my life depends on it. It’s all such a strange situation…