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The EVRYMAN Podcast

Sep 5, 2018

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"That's the entire point of Evryman, you don't gotta be just one thing." - Dan Doty

This episode takes place out in the hills in Central California after a deer hunting trip. Deer hunting is largely considered to be a masculine thing, right? You've got a couple of guys and their sons, walking around scouting for deer, talking about something on the opposite end of the meditation spectrum. Well, that's not even close to what this hunting trip was. This episode pulls the curtain back and shows that it isn't just locker room talk, bar talk, or hunting trip talk. This episode shows that things might be changing in all areas of men's lives.

Tom, is a general contractor who has owned and operated his construction company for almost 20 years. He also owns a Bikram yoga studio with his wife and has been teaching hot yoga for 7 years and has had a consistent practice for over 10 years.

Mike worked as a teacher for seventeen years. He took a sabbatical from his teaching career to focus on running an outdoor business.  He lives in Pismo Beach with his wife, son, and daughter. 

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