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The EVRYMAN Podcast

Jul 31, 2018

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"Are we willing to do the hard thing that will have the bigger benefit in the long run?" - Dan Doty

This week we're mixing it up! We are experimenting with a new style of podcast. We're still going to have guests on the show but we'd love to hear your feedback on this style.

Dan takes this episode to cover one topic. That's right, one. This week's topic is, why are emotions important? We naturally as human beings don't want to feel discomfort right? There's a lot of ways we try to avoid or dodge that uncomfortable feeling. Dan takes the time to thoroughly explain why emotions are important, why emotions need to play a big part of our lives, and why we shouldn't wall off emotions all the time.

Now you're riding that high of listening to Dan talk this episode and you're saying to yourself, "Dang, that was amazing. Where can I get more of Dan's inspiration?"

You are in luck! Dan Doty's TEDx Talk is now live and available on YouTube. The role of men in our society, as well as what we are asking of men, is shifting. We strongly urge you to take the 13 minutes to watch Dan's TEDx Talk titled "What the World Needs From Men." Once you're done watching it we'd love for you to share it with anyone you know and give us feedback!

Alright, we have something special we want to share with you all. We have a generous donation that we are raffling off to raise money for the Veteran Integration Expedition (August 19 through 26). Help us get these Vets to the City of Bozeman and buy a raffle ticket for a 2018 Kawasaki KLX 140L. You can find all the information and buy a raffle ticket here. All rallied proceeds go toward getting these Veterans here and making sure their experience is impacting and profound.

In addition to our next expedition, we also have our dates for our upcoming retreats later this year! We're returning to the Berkshires December 7-9 for another Open Source Retreat and hosting a MELT Training in Petaluma, California October 5-7. We're almost sold out of spots for the MELT Training. The sign ups are live on our website so get in while you can!

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