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The EVRYMAN Podcast

Jul 10, 2018

We're back after a week off! Evryman wrapped up their June expedition in Yellowstone National Park and it was incredible. We're heading back to Yellowstone in August. But this one is different. We'll explain more towards the bottom of this post.

This week's guest is one rad dude. Brendan Leonard, creator of sits down with Dan and just lets loose. Brendan is also an author, filmmaker, Instagram cartoonist, and public speaker. He has co-produced and co-directed several award-winning adventure films, including How to Run 100 miles, Chocolate Spokes, Ace and the Desert Dog, Frank and the Tower, and The Important Places. All of these and more can be found on his website. Please check these out, they are multiple great pieces of work.

Brendan is a midwest guy like Dan. He changed his major five times in four years and decided that he wanted to be a writer. Brendan shares his journey full of mishaps starting from writing in middle school all the way to grad school in Missoula, Montana and continuing on to today.

You can find Brendan in multiple places on social media
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Now I mentioned Evryman is heading back to Yellowstone on August 19 through 26. We are proud and excited to be hosting a smaller expedition. It is our move into more veteran integration events. We'll be having half veterans and half civilians. Get all the details in the intro of this episode and soon on our website.

In addition to our next expedition, we also have our dates for our upcoming retreats later this year! We're returning to the Berkshires December 7-9 for another Open Source Retreat and hosting a MELT Training in Petaluma, California October 5-7. We've sold about a third of the spots for the MELT Training. The sign ups are live on our website.

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