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The EVRYMAN Podcast

Jun 12, 2018

What is the American Dream? Is it being a race car driver or living a wealthy life where you don't work? Or is it modified from perspective to perspective?

"There's so many simple ways of simple living, that make so much sense, and also increase your enjoyment of life." - Sam Mascari

This episode is being deemed by Dan as a part of the "American Dream" series being released over summer 2018. Sam Mascari, co-founder of Montana Roots, sits down with Dan this episode and dive deep into the way Sam lives off the land in a tiny house inside of a greenhouse.

The two sit down and discuss Sam's simple living, what retirement looks like from a simplistic view, and throat singing. That's right, throat singing. You'll get a brief insight on what that is early on, you'll know it when you hear it.

Sam's nonprofit Montana Roots' mission is to help create thriving, resilient communities through year-round agriculture and nature connection programs for youth. To get a quick overview of what they do, check out this YouTube video!

You can find Montana Roots at their website or on their Facebook. Help support them by sending a donation their way!

Check out Evryman on our website. Be on the look out for a few upcoming announcements. Dan's TEDx Talk is coming soon. We're returning to the Berkshires later this year and hosting a MELT training in California soon as well.

Women Teach Men's event in late July will be in Ojai, California and Evryman is partnering with them. We'll be partnering with Women Teach Men and hosting men's groups during this event! Reach out to us to get a friends and family discount on the ticket price!

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