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The EVRYMAN Podcast

May 15, 2018

This week's guest has a bit of history. Michael Hebb, founder of,, and The Living Wake, joins Dan this week to talk about the upcoming Women Teach Men event and partnering with Evryman.

To sum it up in Michael's words, "We want men to learn the depths of spirituality, meditation, boxing, dancing, yoga, wilderness survival, cooking, business, creativity, and a million other things from the women we admire most. It’s that simple."

Michael shares with Dan his experience of leading his own men's retreat, Dan talks of finding a deeper connection, and the knowledge that can be gained from women.

If you're interested in learning more you can visit their website and while you're at it buy a ticket! We would love to see you there. You can follow Women Teach Men on Facebook and Instagram.

If you're interested in more of what Michael does you can get a small sample from his TEDMED talk.

We're proud to announce that Evryman will be attending this event and hosting men's groups at this event. ALSO all proceeds of the event go towards women empowerment organizations chosen by the teachers.

 Evryman's next outdoor adventure, the Yellowstone Expedition, is coming up in a month! Sign up for this amazing experience that takes place in June. Reach out to Dan ( to chat about the expedition scholarship he mentions at the beginning of the episode.

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