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The EVRYMAN Podcast

May 8, 2018

This week is a huge episode for Evryman. Coming off the last retreat Dan sits down with his own father, Blayne Doty. They talk about Dan's expectations of having his dad come to a retreat, how Blayne has grown as a father, a grandfather, and a person and they talk about their early years as a family growing up in North Dakota as well.

Blayne loves good hard rock, he's a master homemade pizza maker, and brews sparkling mead. He loves sharing his pizza and mead with people around him. You could be one of those lucky ones to try his specialty if you come to the Yellowstone Expedition. Blayne will be cooking during the expedition!

Evryman's next outdoor adventure, the Yellowstone Expedition, is coming up in a month! Sign up for this amazing experience that takes place in June.

One more thing, be on the look out for a TEDx Talk Dan gave in Bozeman this last weekend in April. When the video is up we will be sharing it on all platforms.

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