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The EVRYMAN Podcast

Mar 28, 2018

Farhoud Meybodi, Head of Creative and Co-Owner of Wayfarer Entertainment sits down with Dan to discuss traditional masculinity, storytelling, unity, and so much more.
Wayfarer is a media company creating a variety of productions. One of the productions Farhoud and Wayfarer Entertainment have created is a conversation series titled "Man Enough" which invites all men to open up and challenge the unwritten rules of traditional masculinity. 
What Farhoud and Wayfarer are creating lines up extremely well with what we are doing at Evryman. We invite you to watch "Man Enough" and other productions from Wayfarer such as "My Last Days" and take the time to really absorb that experience.
You can find more of their productions at their website and at the Man Enough website.
You can follow Farhoud on instagram at
You can find out more about Evryman on our website.
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Show Notes

Intro [00:00]

Dan and Farhoud's Conversation [08:38]