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The EVRYMAN Podcast

Oct 24, 2017

This episode was recorded the day after the Evryman Yellowstone retreat, held in September 2017.  Jason and Jon were 2 of 12 guys that showed up to Montana to dive deep into themselves and nature,  shoulder-to-shoulder with a group of incredible men.  

In a day and age where articles are written on the decline of male friendship, Jason and Jon buck this trend and speak of shared bonds built around creativity, spirituality, and simply staying in close contact as life flows and maturation happens.  

Jason Mraz is a grammy award winning singer-songwriter and is currently starring in his first Broadway play, Waitress.  Jon Marro is the author of the upcoming The Keepers of Color, a wild new book coming out in April, 2018.  Respectively, you can find their work at and