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The EVRYMAN Podcast

Oct 3, 2017

Scott Harrison founded the massively successful non-profit Charity: Water, whose mission it is to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.  You can donate to Charity: Water directly through  

Charity: Water devised a cutting edge donation structure where your donations go 100% to the cause, with complete transparency.  They attain this by recruiting a separate set of donors to cover overhead, allowing every donation to go directly to building wells and changing people's lives for the better.  

Scott's organization is inspiration but his own life story is something from a storybook.  Scott is a modern day prodigal son, after a restrictive childhood he turned 18 and began an epic 10 years of partying.  As a club promoter of the highest level, he drank and smoked and marauded all around the globe, until one day it stopped working for him.  In an almost magical-turn around, he spent a year donating his time for a non-profit in Africa and completely changed his life.  Scott's relationship with faith, his involvement in an informal men's group, and his sheer ambition make his story one for all of us to learn from.  

You can find out everything about Scott and Charity: Water at and if you're moved to donate, you can do so at