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The EVRYMAN Podcast

Jun 20, 2017

This special Father's Day episode is for all the dads out there wanting to step it up, slow it down, and raise their kids as best they can.  

Thom Nezbeda is the founder and editor of Dadular Science, or DADSCI.  He studied anthropology and had a long career in the armed services in both the Marines and the Army.  After a life of self-proclaimed ultimate bachelorhood he met the right gal and got married, not only becoming a husband but a father figure as well.  Thom is a technically a step father but he takes the job of raising his kids as seriously as anyone out there.  

On the episode we dive into how our culture values (or doesn't value) its young people, what our responsibility as dads really means, and how the hell to take care of yourself when others are dependent on you.